The department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering at CCET is offering an undergraduate program in Instrumentation & Control Engineering. This program enriches students with theoretical and practical skills that are required in different spheres of instrumentation and control industries. It enables students to pursue a career in the measurement and control of complex industrial & electrical processes. Modules of this program train the student to plan, design, install, operate, control and maintain complex systems that produce materials of high quality.


The department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering currently offers an undergraduate program in Instrumentation & Control Engineering. The program has been accredited by National Accreditation & Assessment Council. The department has qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty to impart fundamental and applied knowledge in the field of Industrial Automation, Process Systems Engineering, Instrumentation Systems Engineering and Biomedical Instrumentation. The department is enriched with multimedia classrooms and well equipped laboratories. The department enjoys long standing relationships with industries to improvise the quality of teaching and exposures to the field.


Nowadays almost all the industries are going for automation. The industries are switching almost all their processes to automation. The automation is applicable to the process industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing as well as controlling environmental conditions in a variety of industrial and commercial buildings. So instrumentation and control engineers have a role to play in all the fields where there is automation. Students are interested in making career in this stream of engineering because there are tremendous job opportunities in this domain.